New photovoltaic system in St. Josephs Hospital

In spring 2017 BBM received the order to support the St. Josephs Hospital in Kitgum (UGANDA) with the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The unsteady electrical power supply and breakdowns handicapped the hospital work enormously.

On November 28th 2017 the PV system was successfully tested and handed over to the hospital. Already on the following day, a Sunday, from 09:00 a.m. on, the hospital was fed entirely by the PV system. On weekdays the feed-in of the PV will be between 25 and 30 %. A first and important step for a smooth, efficient and economic electrical power supply fort the hospital.

This project was financed by a co-financing of EWK Zell (  and the Epiphany mission of the catholic youth (


Technical data:

PV installed: 25.000 Wp

2 inverter modules Aros each 12,5 kW

UPS for solar operation Aros 120 kW bidirectional

Batteries 33x 12V 150Ah C10 of Hoppecke


Procurement and logistics by BBM Beschaffungsbetrieb der MIVA

Installation: BBM  and MECS / Gulu

Time of installation: 16 days including earthwork and tests

Project Partner receives Eduard-Ploier Award

The BBM congratulates Pro-Sudan for receiving the “Eduard-Ploier Award for development cooperation”. Since 1987 the association supports projects in the Sudan and South Sudan. Already in those years it came to cooperationbetween MIVA / BBM and Pro-Sudan: e.g. the sponsoring and Provision of a Land Rover (see pictures in the gallery). Since then many projects came to life together.

The cooperation for Projects goes on until nowand even developed into a friendship.

More informations about Pro-Sudan


Ecological Restructuring by the example of St. Luke Hospital

The St. Luke Hospital in Angal, north-west in Uganda, is for 180.000 people the only place, where qualified medical care is possible. But the infrastructure of the hospital is outdated. The income of the “Community Hospital” can hardly pay the regular costs, like salary, power supply, etc.

To make sure that the quality of medical care is safe a restructuring from parts of the hospital was indispensable – implanted by BBM as the general contractor. The restructuring was made in 2 years (2015 – 2016) in the following sectors:

  • power supply:
    • Training of the staff with involvement of other hospitals (best-practise approach)
    • Renovation of power supply and distribution
  • water supply:
    • procurement and installation of a 50m³ panel-tank additional to the outdated water tank
  • wastewater-management:
    • Restructuring of the wastewater Treatment with various Pre-Treatment Units and a constructed wetland (instead of the old lagoon)
    • Storm-Water-Management
  • waste-management:
    • Implementation of waste separation
    • Renovation of the waste bins
    • Training of the staff with involvement of other hospitals (best-practise Approach)
Ecological Restructuring by BBM

The BBM has been implementing ecological restructurings of Hospitals in East Africa since 1995 with donations of donor organizations. Core sectors are ecological power supply, drinking water supply as well as wastewater and waste Management.

However not the implementation but the human is the important aspect. Together with the Project partner and other involved Partners (e.g. the surrounding municipalities) the Project aims defined and realized. An important component of the implementation is the passing on of the Know-How to the local technicians through Workshops, for which also experts from bordering Hospitals are invited. This makes a best-practise exchange within Africa possible and the support of the local Know-How. Furthermore, besides the improvement of the Health care as well as the ecological thought is transmitted

BBM – Water project receives award

The Neptun water Award 2017 was given away on the 21st of March, the evening before World Water Day

The Project “Ecological water supply and sewage disposal for St. Mary Hospital in Gulu/Uganda” was nominated in the category WasserGLOBAL. Finally, at the end of the night it received the second place. BBM was responsible for the implementation on site, the civilian Technology Office did the planning and Horizont 3000 accompanied the Project.


About the project

The focus of the project was the holistic view of the water cycle: At first they tried to optimize the extraction of the water (incl. use of rainwater), distribution, and storage and wastewater treatment. Important actions were implemented in the course of this holistic view to reduce the consumption water.

The St. Mary Hospital in Lacor, suburb of Gulu in the north of Uganda, was founded in 1959 and is nowadays with 500 beds the second largest hospital in Uganda. Around 4200 persons (staff, patients as well as relatives) are provided with food and water per day. Need for action was occurred because of constant expansions of the hospital. In a wastewater analysis of 2013 the limits were massively overstepped, whereby the drinking water for a lot of people in this region was in danger.

Therefore the Austrian Development Agency and the DKA decided to finance the project by Horizont 3000 for the improvement of the supply situation in St. Mary’s Hospital. The BBM, with decades of experience in the ecological sanitation in East Africa could win the tender together with a Ugandan construction company.

The project is successful because of its great impact on the water cycle, which integrates humans and the nature in the same way.

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