Ecological Restructuring by the example of St. Luke Hospital

The St. Luke Hospital in Angal, north-west in Uganda, is for 180.000 people the only place, where qualified medical care is possible. But the infrastructure of the hospital is outdated. The income of the “Community Hospital” can hardly pay the regular costs, like salary, power supply, etc.

To make sure that the quality of medical care is safe a restructuring from parts of the hospital was indispensable – implanted by BBM as the general contractor. The restructuring was made in 2 years (2015 – 2016) in the following sectors:

  • power supply:
    • Training of the staff with involvement of other hospitals (best-practise approach)
    • Renovation of power supply and distribution
  • water supply:
    • procurement and installation of a 50m³ panel-tank additional to the outdated water tank
  • wastewater-management:
    • Restructuring of the wastewater Treatment with various Pre-Treatment Units and a constructed wetland (instead of the old lagoon)
    • Storm-Water-Management
  • waste-management:
    • Implementation of waste separation
    • Renovation of the waste bins
    • Training of the staff with involvement of other hospitals (best-practise Approach)
Ecological Restructuring by BBM

The BBM has been implementing ecological restructurings of Hospitals in East Africa since 1995 with donations of donor organizations. Core sectors are ecological power supply, drinking water supply as well as wastewater and waste Management.

However not the implementation but the human is the important aspect. Together with the Project partner and other involved Partners (e.g. the surrounding municipalities) the Project aims defined and realized. An important component of the implementation is the passing on of the Know-How to the local technicians through Workshops, for which also experts from bordering Hospitals are invited. This makes a best-practise exchange within Africa possible and the support of the local Know-How. Furthermore, besides the improvement of the Health care as well as the ecological thought is transmitted

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