Driver training with MIVA cars for development workers

HORIZONT3000 – one of the oldest and largest NGOs in EZA – is currently training 11 specialists. These will be deployed to their countries of operation by the end of November. So that these committed women and men are mobile in the country of operation, driving with a MIVA off-road vehicle is practiced in theory and practice. MIVA and BBM run this three-day course twice a year.

The practical training is carried out by the off-road state champion Christian Karlberger, who saves the participants nothing from the first second of driving: Inclined drives, steepest descents, stopping in the middle of the ballast cone and difficult backward runs prepare the specialists for their assignment. On the previous day, Markus Müller from the Müller car dealership in Bad Wimsbach started the practical day with detailed theoretical knowledge and then showed every detail off-road that can be found under the engine hood. Tips and tricks for changing the huge Toyota tires must also be practiced by everyone in reality.

In total, MIVA and BBM have been able to prepare over 100 people for their time in the country of deployment.


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