CHH, BBM and the question of ecology

The MIVA headquarters, the ChristophorusHouse built according to all the rules of energy-saving building is 15 years old. The BBM the “procurement company of MIVA” is twice as old, so it has now been around for 30 years. But not only mathematics connects the two. One can rather say that the BBM is the father of the ChristophorusHouse.



Old friends and companions of MIVA have long known how to understand this. As MIVA managing director Franz X. Kumpfmüller (ret.) and the then MIVA board of directors founded BBM as a 100 per cent subsidiary of MIVA, it soon became clear that the BBM would not only be responsible for the delivery and procurement of vehicles and other relief goods. Rather, it should also offer technical help in the countries of operation, in the most ecological way possible.

Since the BBM also offered its services to other aid organisations, very successful collaborations with NGOs and experts, such as the Vienna University of Natural resources and Applied Life Sciences, came about quickly. So, complex projects could be started. In this way, the BBM – above all the tireless technician Norbert Demmelbauer, who spends weeks and months in the countries of operation – was not only able to apply knowledge of ecology, but also to fain a lot of experience in the concrete implementation. Photovoltaic systems, hot water from solar energy, wastewater treatment plants or the use of process water soon became part of the repertoire of BBM.



When the final decision to build the ChristophorusHouse was made and Franz X. Kumpfmüller planned the project with architects and trades, it was clear from the start that the house in Stadl-Paura should not lag behind the ecological standard of the BBM projects. On the contrary: A building was built according to the well-known standards of ecological building every year. A showcase project that will not only serve its purpose, but also set a good example.

That’s why the passive house, which generates most of the energy it, consumes. That’s why the geothermal energy, the timber construction, the grey water system, the plant-based sewage treatment plant and the many small and large individual measures that actually make the house a “highly active passive house”. The ambitious projects, for which, incidentally not a single euro was donated, received numerous prizes and was recognized as the “Best LIFE Project” by the European Union.



The ChristophorusHouse is still regularly visited by many interested people. Even 15 years after its completion, it is still ground-breaking in many areas. It is particularly gratifying that the house is not just an ecological showcase project. However, has proven itself every day as a pleasant, well-tempered and functional workplace.
Since the founding of the BBM and the establishment of the ChristophorusHouse, the urgency of consistent protection of creation has become even greater. MIVA has demonstrated vision with both.

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