PV-Installation at DMI Sisters in Juba, South Sudan

After independence from Sudan in 2011, peace lasted only a short period of time. Since December 2013, a civil war has been raging in the country. Simplified viewed, it is a conflict between two ethnic tribes.
Since 2011, around 18 Sisters of the organization DMI have been living in the region of Wau and in the capital Juba. They help to raise awareness for peace and reconciliation between the two tribes.



The off-grid PV-solar system was designed to enable the DMI sisters uninterruptable power supply. It consists of 48 solar panels, 10 stacks of Greenrock AIB solar batteries (of 48 Vcd 2.7KWh), a backup generator, solar charger, inverters and all required accessories for installation & grounding.



The old food store was modified in order to accommodate the batteries. AIB solar batteries were chosen as they are long lasting, environmental friendly and resistant to high outside temperatures.



The Power room is including:

  • Quattro 48/1500/200-100/100-230V inverter/charger
  • Victron color control Gx device for monitoring
  • Victron Smartsolar charge controller MPPT 250/100-MC4
  • Dc combiner HISbox 2 MPPT each string T1/2
  • Ac distributor

All equipments were connected, programmed and tested in line with the regulation. The power outputs to the different buildings are through underground cables to the different buildings and all cables are marked for easy identification.



The centre was supplied with Grundfos submersible pump SQE 1-35 for constant water supply. The pump is controlled by CU 300 together with a Potentimeter for grundfos CU 300-SPP1 to control the flow in order control the water level. The initial PVC riser pipes were reused and the whole activity was successful.



The centre was supplied with a GENMAC Generator Urban RG8PS (8.0KVA-230Vac) as a back-up power supply for the solar system as well as for the centre on by-pass. The generator is set to automatic mode with the signal from the programmable relay of the victron color control GX. The generator was supplied with the most important spare parts.


PV-Installation at De La Salle Boy’s School Rumbek, South Sudan

The school is situated in Rumbek, Lakes State, in South Sudan. It is the world’s youngest nation that became independent in 2011 after a war with Northern Sudan.

Due to the ongoing civil war, started in 2013, many of the already insufficient educational infrastructures have been destroyed. There is a lack of schools, qualified teachers and materials.

In March 2018 the La Salle Brothers opened outside of Rumbek a Secondary School.


PV System

BBM delivered for the school a PV-system consisting of 110 solar panels of 300Wp, carefully mounted on special roof assembly with special Schletter roof mounting accessories supplied in the consignment. One of the classroom blocks nearest to the power house was selected as it was strong enough to carry the weight of the panels.

From left to right in the above picture, there is:

  • Ac distributor box
  • three SMA Sunny tripower STP12000TL-20 solar grid inverters 12kw
  • Hisboxes for the surge protection boxes

The equipment is mounted in one of the offices, on a steel plate which is secured on the metal structures of the prefab building.


Battery System

This consists of 9 AXI storage Lithium battery sets of 10Kw connected in parallel in a Dc combiner box mounted on the wall as close as possible to the SMA inverters.


Power Room

The school system consists of three Sunny Island, 8Kw inverter/charger that provide sufficient power for two water pumps and to the school buildings i.e Class blocks, Dormitories and teachers quarters. The Monitoring is done by Powerdog and using a tablet mounted next to the inverter/chargers.


Water System

This consists of two Grundfos submersible SQE 7-40 water pumps installed in two different boreholes to the East and West of the power house. The pumps have their controllers CU300 installed inside the respective pump chambers. The pumps supply water to locally welded tanks that have their main supply to the school linked so that they are drained equally. The power supply is controlled by photocell which stops the pumps from draining the battery during night hours.

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