Optimisation of the water and energy consumption in Lacor Hospital

Main Goal: To ensure the best possible level of functioning of all performances of the hospital in safe and reliable conditions, at the same time controlling and reduction of the energy costs, to can hold the patients costs further on that low. And also make the ecological footprint as small as possible.

Sub Goal: To optimise the impact of all the inventions for water and energy safety, costs and environment protection, with the help pf an integrated system for water and energy supply, but also to maximise the energy measurements.

Target Group(s): the 240.000 annual patients of the hospital and the 600 hospital employees

Activities and Contents:

  • Installation of a power controlling and monitoring system (PCMS)
    • With a corresponding distributer, which makes the correct integration of solar power and the diesel generator possible
    • With water sensors in the main water tank and automatic regulation of the external water station

Installation of a digital counting system with 70 power counters for the registration of the exact power consumption with a central data logger with monitoring and analysing software. This should make exact records about the actually needed power. Currently there is a main meter by a Ugandan electricity distribution company, where it isn’t quite sure if it is really working. But it also doesn’t tell you where energy currents mainly go to. Through the digital measurements the energy currents are going to get recorded in detail to identify power guzzlers and to minimise them.

  • The installation is implemented through a BBM technicians together with the technical staff of Lacor and is with a Training about the right handling and maintenance combined


Project running time: July 2016 – September 2018


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