Beschaffung und Logistik


BBM Services

  • Advice to project holders and their partners in the selection of suitable goods
  • Evaluation and assistance with large-scale projects and provision of experts
  • Preparation of tenders, call for bids and selection of the most favourable offer
  • Passing on specially negotiated conditions and discounts to the customer
  • Handling of all business and custom proceedings
  • Supply, inspection and surveillance of appropriate and sufficient packing
  • Purchase and delivery of second-hand containers
  • Organization and coordination of joint deliveries (combining various projects/project holders) to a specific place of destination, respectively country of destination. This way, a saving of expenses can be achieved for the various project holders
  • Insurance for transport, handling and settlement in cases of damage
  • Carrying out the transport up to the place of destination
  • Advice in customs and import matters, assistance in obtaining an exemption from duties
  • Setting up an archive of all supporting documents for future supply of replacement parts
  • Assistance to missionary and development aid personnel on leaving for overseas and moving abroad.