Corona Virus Pandemic


With the help of our international trade network, we are in the position to offer procurement opportunities for required medical materials and equipment to better cope with the Corona-pandemic.

Currently for example (without minimum order quantity):

  • FFP2 Masks, currently: 0,91 EUR / Piece
  • Face Masks, currently: 0,20 EUR / Piece
  • Protective Suits Cat. 5/6: 8,90 EUR / Piece
  • Safety Googles: 1,82 EUR / Piece
  • Surgical Gloves sterile: 19,41 EUR / 100 Piece
  • Gloves non-sterile: 4,76 EUR / 100 Piece
  • Infrared Clinical Thermometer: 45,34 EUR / Piece


All products have a certificate of quality (often necessary for the import to the partner countries).

Including preparation of customs documents and assistance in importing goods into partner countries

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