Norbert Demmelbauer and Manfred Pichler visited project partners in Southern Sudan from 7 February to 11 March. They travelled from the capital Juba to Rumbek, Mapuordit, Marial Lou, Wau and back to Juba.

On the way, Norbert and Manfred visited numerous project partners and their technical facilities. In some cases, technical improvements or minor repairs were carried out on the existing technical facilities directly on site. For example, the water and electricity supply in Marial Lou Hospital was renovated together with the local technicians. In Mapuordit Hospital, on the other hand, the X-ray machine was refurbished.  In such cases, we always work together with local technicians, training on the job, so to speak. Another focus of the trip was an in-depth training of young solar technicians, trained at the Saint Peter Claver Technical College Rumbek. After completing their training, they can work as independent technicians. And if help is needed from outside, remote support from Austria is now possible thanks to the Internet – even if it cannot yet replace an actual visit and exchange on site.

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