Solar system Bunagok Parish


Technical Information
Size of Solar System 12 x AXIworldpremium 300Wp
Total 3,6kWp
Inverter Type & Monitoring system Victron EasySolar II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX
Battery Type 1 x BYD LiIon Battery B-Box 13.8kWh 48V


Project Information
Project Partner Diocese of Rumbek
Financed by Diocese of Rumbek
Project Duration 09.2019 – 04.2020
Project Location Rumbek, South Sudan
Short Project Description The solar system is for the electricity supply of the Bunagok Parish. It is the only electricity supply provided in the village. It is a small island system, because no public grid is available. Additionally a small generator was delivered as a power backup for the rainy season.


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