Detailed Training on Burner Setup and Maintenance


Project Summary

Because of major problems of existing incinerators at St. Kizito Hospital Matany a new incinerator was in need to ensure a proper burning process of dangerous medical waste. An incinerator must reach a certain temperature to sterilize or destroy sharps and effectively burn wet medical waste. The minimum amount of smoke and toxic gases should be produced while keeping the incinerator as simple as possible. The installed incinerator type “HWI-5” was developed by TTM for this specific purpose – for disaster relief and rural hospitals.

To ensure a proper installation and operation a training was organized at the hospital. Partner institutions were invited to send their technicians. This should also allow further installations of incinerators in Uganda with the help of local technicians and improve the maintenance of the incinerators from the partner institutions as well.



The training took place as planned between 27.05. and 30.05.2019. As by the nature of the training and the recommendation of the supplier, a limited number of partner institutions were invited. Seven external technicians and five local technicians attended the training.

The training was carried out as planned with the following schedule:

  •  Arrival and Registration
  •  Self-Study of Assembly Instruction
  •  Assembly of Main Frame
  •  Final Assembly and Positioning
  •  Tentative installation of Chimney
  •  Detailed description of all parts of the incineratorStart-Up of Diesel Burner
  •  Self-Study of Operations Manual
  •  Start-Up of Incinerator mainly through external Participants
  •  Getting used to proper Operation


  •  Explanation of Operation to Matany Incinerator Attendants by local technicians
  •  Start Up of Incinerator mainly through local Participants and Matany technicians
  •  Discussion on possibilities regarding Waste Management
  •  Getting used to proper Operation


Throughout the whole training, the time was used to share experiences between the participants. Not only regarding Waste Management and Incinerator Operation but also about general Maintenance and other Systems e.g. Treatment Wetlands.

For each institution a hardcopy and a softcopy of relevant manuals was handed over.
Each participant received a Participation Certificate.


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