The Holy Family Hospital Nyapea is located in the district of Zombo in Uganda and exists over 31 years. In cooperation with Eine Weltkreis we want to improve the water and power supply of the hospital.


This hospital is one of a few places of the world where patients get regularly medicated. The pest is not exterminated in this area. Furthermore a lot of caesarean sections are carried out as women have very narrow pelvis in this region.


Energy supply

Because of the rural location in the West Nile region in the north of Uganda, there is no reliable power and water supply. So far a small single phase solar system supplies the main loads, but for a perfect function it would be necessary to switch to a three phase operation. The present inverter is unable to supply the load peaks. In case of a breakdown the hospital does not have suitable spares. The existing lead acid batteries which are on the limit of their living duration have to be switched very fast. A perfect alternative for the replacement would be new salt water batteries which are perfect for hot climates. Also the duration of living is more than 10 years.


Water supply

The existing borehole should be operated with a solar pump to decrease operating costs. Because of troubles in operating the pump system on government compound the hospital was forced to relocate the whole equipment. A new compound was buyed and fenced. The equipment should be installed on a new building where also the emergency generator can be kept. Furthermore it serves as accommodation for the secret service.


Bed numbers 139
Occupancy rate in average 78%
Staff 123
Outpatients 19.500 (Sept. 17 – Sept. 18)




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