construction Technology

Construction – General Principles


Most common problems encountered during installation:

  • Untrained technicians
  • Unknown equipment
  • Changed conditions from planning state
  • Bad quality, obsolete or wrong equipment, manuals in wrong language
  • Cultural understandings / misunderstandings
  • Mixture of international standards
  • Environmental conditions
  • Legal aspects / permits etc
  • Norms and concepts
  • Technical workmanship & supervision
  • Managerial aspects (financial planning and financial constrains of institutions)


BBM criteria for appropriate technology:

  • Does the new technique makes sense and is it needed (efficiency / effectiveness)?
  • Is it affordable in purchase and maintenance?
  • Can local staff install and operate it?
  • Is long-term availability and are spare parts guaranteed?
  • Is local maintenance and repair possible?
  • Does it withstand environmental conditions and external influences?
  • Does it use renewable local resources and benefits?
  • Is it produced locally or as near as possible?
  • Does it strengthen the role of women in the society?
  • Is it good for health and the environment?