Power Control & Monitoring System

The BBM Power Control & Monitoring System was developed by BBM together with the research institution ASIC.

The system is able to:

  • Use solar PV power without batteries (using standard grid inverters)
  • Prevent back-feeding power to the grid (if it is not allowed)
  • Control solar PV power when grid power is off and a generator is running (to guarantee a minimum load for the generator)
  • Monitor power consumption, power savings and performance of the whole system


It was developed and is suitable for hospitals, radio stations and other medium sized power consumers which require a simple solar PV system including a monitoring and control system (BBM PCMS).

The following reasons made us develop our unique BBM PCMS:

  • Many project partners are running institutions where battery inverter systems can’t be applied because of technical or financial reasons.
  • In many countries back-feeding of photovoltaic power is strictly forbidden for small and medium sized producers / (Uganda, Burkina Faso) … missing feed-in law and tariffs
  • PV grid interactive system cannot be connected directly to a generator otherwise it could get damaged


For more detailed information about the system and its way of working please contact m.pichler@miva.at


Project on PCMS:

Hybrid Energy Management