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Power Systems

Needs assessment, planning and implementation of Solar Power Systems

BBM plans PV systems based on the existing infrastructure and on the actual & planned needs of the Users. This way it is secured that the system matches the requirements of the consumer loads. Focus is on training and continuing technical support during the whole lifetime


Criterias for a well working system are:
  • Basic understanding of the system – key phrases:
    • Energy saving is the most important. Switch off the light and equipment when not needed
    • The PV system is not a generator
    • The battery has limited capacity and limited life cycle time
    • No heating elements on the PV lines
  • Person in charge for daily / weekly Control
    • Visual check of panels, battery and electronic components (e.g. surge arrestors)
  • Well trained maintenance technician for monthly / quarterly check up
    • Check of acid level of battery
    • Float time hours
    • Check of acid density
    • Electric contacts DC and AC: bolts, nuts, plugs etc
    • Remaining cycle life-time of battery (AH test, conductivity, ..)
  • Perfect set of technical manuals / technical drawings and supplier contacts
  • Proper set of tools and monitoring devices

The needs assessment and the tender preparation is for free. If you are interested, please, fill out following form BBM Power questionnaire  and send it to


Projects on Solar Power Systems are:

Radio Wa in Uganda

St. Josephs Hospital in Uganda