Needs based solutions

Home Systems

Solar Home Systems are energy-autarkic PV-Systems, that only can provide small power supply and usually are used for single-family-houses. It is a good way to provide modern form of electricity to rural customers who cannot be served economically by conventional electrification. Since the systems do not have access to another grid they are also called PV-Island-systems.

Normally, the PV-Panels are installed to the roof, the battery is built into the LED-bulb. As the PV-systems do not need any fossil fuels, it can also be a good way for a region to become fuel-autarkic.

The components of a Solar Home System  are:

  • PV-Panel
  • Battery
  • Charge controller
  • Inverter
  • Electric load
  • Wiring


If needed this systems can include a 12V USB connection to charge a smartphone.

Different systems are provided, e.g. Phaesun, Barefoot etc.

The advantages towards the common kerosene-lamps are:

  • No running costs
  • Safety (no risk of fire)
  • Health (no toxic flue gas formation)


Costs per light spot: approx. 50,00 EUR