Solar Fridge and

Cooling and freezing with the help of photovoltaic / batteries. The system is precisely coordinated for the climate conditions / cooling load and needed refrigeration temperature, so that there is a 24/7 cooling guaranteed.

It is usable for food as well as in the medical area (blood reserves, drugs, vaccine etc.). For the medical area the additional purchase of special refrigerators is suggested.


System components:

  • Solar fridge and freezer with a low energy consumption and improved isolation for the climatic categories T and ST
  • PV-Modules
  • Batteries (not needed for special battery-less system, for which the cooling happens with ice-packs during the night)
  • Cabling
  • Lightning and overvoltage protection


The systems can be installed and serviced by local technicians because of its simplicity.



  • Network-independent 24/7-cooling guaranteed with constant temperature level
  • No running costs


Application Areas:

  • No power available
  • Power supply available, but unreliable