Hospital Facilities


Hospital Facilities


General Surgical Facility

  • On site: Voltage regulator (power stabilizer), isolation transformer, no conductive floors, Climate technic
  • Surgical lights in different sizes and settings
  • Surgical facilities (tables, chairs, …)


Refrigerator/Deep Freezer for Laboratory / Blood /Pharmacy

Supply of Medical Gases

Autoclave / Sterilizers of transportable type up to 160L and more, e.g. MELAG Autoclave 23VS, IDEN Vertical Steam Autoclave, Tuttnauer Autoclave

Industrial Washing Machine, including the supply of media (Water, Electricity)

  • Often there is an energy efficient hot-water supply through solar panels possible. e.g.  Lapauw oder IMESA machine
  • Hospital laundry


Energy/Power Supply



  • MARK Serie of WHO (World Health Organisation), e.g. Mark 8a for waste incineration to 12kg/h ; local construction possible; Construction Manual and ongoing information see as follows:
  • Health-Care Waste WHO
  • Managing Health Care Waste Disposal
  • Mark 8a Incinerator
  • TTM – Type HWI5 for 15-40kg/h; Diesel operated, Consumption circa. 3L/h, Modular Construction; Delivery ex Europe;
  • The proper handling of incinerators must be trained