The BBM stands for the implementation of the SDGs – recently for a project in Ethiopia

In cooperation with Caritas Vorarlberg the BBM counsels the Bushulu Mother and Child Specialty centre in Ethiopia on a reconstruction of the hospital. Many of the buildings are over 30 years old and no longer meet local standars. The new health centre will provide professional services in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology and paediatrics. This further reduces the morbity and mortality of mothers, newborns and children. The project provides services contributing directly to the achievement of the SDGs (-> SDG No. 3 – good health and well-being).

A sustainable planning & construction is particulary important.
This includes:
  • the ecological water supply (including rain water collection through rain channels of the roof tops); Use of solar pumps (-> SDG No. – Clean water and sanitation)
  • the ecological water disposal via a biological sewage treatment plant (-> SDG No.); the treated waste water can then be used to irrigate fruit & vegetable grdens as well as green areas
  • a solar power system, which will take over a large part of the power suppl. (-> SDG No. 7 – Affordable and clean energy, No. 13 Cliamte action)
  • a hot-water production via solar thermal systems, with which, amonf other things, the laundry is operated
  • Locally adapted eco-toilets with reduced water consumption (-> SDG No.6)

From the planning stage, it is ensured that the technologies used are locally adapted, meaning that they can be operated and maintained locally.
In addition, regular training and know-how transfer takes place, not only for the hospital staff but also for the technical service.

Additionally, the BBM supplies two urgently needed vehicles for the MIVA, an ambulance and an off-road vehicle, for the hospital– after all, a small relief.


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