Loreto Rumbek is made up of a primary school, a secondary school and Primary Health Care. The school first opened in 2008 and provides much needed place of education for girls aged 14-20.

To give a lot of students the chance of accomodation, a new dormitory was originated. The project start was in March 2019 and lasted till December 2019.


PV System

This consists of 15 REC solar panels 295Wp mounted on this particular building using schletter mounting accessories. Three panels are connected in series to form five strings. Out of these strings, two strings are connected to MPPT 150V/70A solar charge controller incorporated in the EasySolar victron inverter and the remaining three strings connected to smartsolar charge controller MPPT 250V/100A – Tr. All strings are through string box in which surge protection devices are available.



This is a room chosen within the building which is meant to be for dormitory captain. The room is large enough to accommodate the equipments and there is still enough space for a single bed or a double decker bed. The system is human friendly and requires a clean environment and it is a reason the room is chosen.
The equipments are mounted on the wall arranged for the best possible connections and professional smartness to be achieved.

These include:

  • Victron Easysolar inverter (rewired in order to accommodate surge protection devices for both the input and output Ac circuits)
  • Victron Smartsolar charger MPPT 250V/100A – Tr
  • two Enwitec boxes with Dc circuit breakers for the battery
  • inverter
  • solar charger


A BYD battery stands on the floor, fixed on the wall on its upper part to be firm to avoid any movement. It stands as close as possible next to the inverter in order to use the special interface cable between the inverter and the BYD battery system for good performance.
All equipments are wired in accordance to the standards and regulations above all – grounding was the most important for the system. The later was done outside close to the wall on which the equipments are mounted.



Unlike the lead acid batteries, the BYD battery system does not require occasional addition of distilled water. The battery set is maintenance free; one has to make sure it is as clean as installed by wiping out dust.
Close up openings to avoid entrance of dangerous animals especially mice, lizards and other insects that can cause tremendous damages to the system.



The job was well executed with minimal challenges. The only big challenge was the choice of the room in which the equipments are installed, the administration did not have the idea the requirements but later we came out with one understanding and the project went on smoothly.
There was no chance to connect the external power from the generator to the system for backup in the extreme times of cloudy/rainy days in order to backup charging.



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