Ideas turn into Projects!

We analyse plausibility, feasibility & financeability of your project idea!


We accompany your project through all phases of the life cycle:

  • Planning
  • Construction / Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Operational management & Training


Project Management:

Every project is monitored in terms of

  • Costs
  • Schedule
  • Quality


All BBM actions are under consideration of the BBM Sustainability criteria.


Example of Renewable Energy systems:


Before any detailed planning, we consider:

  • Overall situation (current equipment / energy consumption, current energy saving measures, energy management…)
  • Needs analysis (via interviews, expectations & involvement of local partners, list of devices and their consumption)
  • Integration of the existing infrastructure
  • Surrounding and environmental conditions
  • Legal aspects (permits, etc.)
  • Local market studies( including availability of local materials & technicians)


Planning / implementation:

  • Development of a scheme and accurate documentation
  • Completeness (e.g. always including surge protection, mounting material, maintenance tools…)
  • Availability of (follow-up) care


Ongoing monitoring / remote monitoring

  • Live monitoring possible with internet connection
  • Support via WhatsApp etc.