Solar System Centre Professional Don Bosco



Technical Information
Size of Solar System 60 x Axitec solar panel 280 Wp AC-280PH/60S
Total 16.8kWp
Inverter Type 3 x SMA Sunny Boy SB 5.0
Battery Type 3 x BYD LiIon Battery B-Box 13.8kWh 48V
Monitoring system SMA data manager M edmm-10


Project Information
Project Partner Centre Professional Don Bosco
Financed by Centre Professional Don Bosco
Project Duration 10.2019 – 11.2020
Project Location Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Kongo
Short Project Description The solar system is for the electricity supply of the school and boarding school to improve the educational services provided and the security situation at night.
The school is located in an outside district of Kinshasa with poor grid connection.


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