[de}St Marys Krankenhaus IsingiroSt Marys Hospital Isingiro


Technical Information
Size of Solar System 30 x AXIpower 275Wp
Total 8.25kWp
Inverter Type 1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 10000-TL-20 10 kW
Battery Type 2 x BYD Li-Ion Battery B-Box 13.8kWh 48V


Project Information
Project Partner St. Marys Hospital Isingiro
Financed by Bruder und Schwester in Not Innsbruck
Project Duration 01.2019 – 09.2019
Project Location Isingiro, Uganda
Short Project Description The solar system is for the electricity supply of the hospital to improve the health services provided.  Before the system was installed, the institution was relying on the power from the grid, where power cuts of up to 6 hours a day were not uncommon. With the new system (combination of Solar PV, Battery Backup and Generator Back up) the hospital can operate independently from the unreliable national grid, which improves the health services provided tremendously.

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