Solar-powered mills


Usually, grain mills are operated with internal combustion engines (mostly diesel), whereby people in the immediate vicinity are exposed to the high levels of noise and exhaust gas emissions. In addition, the supply of fuel can be a major problem due to high prices or lack of availability. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Solar-powered mills are particularly suitable for regions without a connection to the power grid: they are more cost-effective to operate and without CO2 emissions.
BBM delivered two solar mills to Borzanga (Burkina Faso) on behalf of Caritas of the Diocese of Innsbruck (Austria), the installation being carried out by a local team of technicians.


Technical Specification:
  • Solar mill with 1.5 kW electric motor (DC and AC operation possible)
  • 2.1 kWp solar power
  • Granite millstones (500mm diameter)
  • Throughput approx 25 kg/h



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