Development of hybrid energy management

ASIC (Austrian Solar Innovation Centre) is a research partner of BBM. Within a new project the ASIC could help the BBM for the development of a hybrid energy management to support energy systems.

Especially in developing countries the quality of the power network is not really satisfying most of the time. Failures and fluctuations of the operating parameters make the supply of vital devices, e.g. in a hospital, to a complex task.  As a substitution expensive diesel motors are used. From now on they try to integrate PV plants, which make the power clearly cheaper, into the energy systems. A variety of configurations were tested with simulations, to find out, which is the best combination of PV and diesel generators. A core element was the development of an optimised energy management system regulating the interaction of the individual components during operations and collects at the same time data for an automatic review of the system for the error detection. In the next step the energy management can be integrated into the efficient control system (PLC), because of the knowledge gained. It also can be used in affected areas and plants.

In the meantime this PCMS (Power Control & Monitoring System) is used in two radio stations and one hospital

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