PV-Installation at De La Salle Boy’s School Rumbek, South Sudan

The school is situated in Rumbek, Lakes State, in South Sudan. It is the world’s youngest nation that became independent in 2011 after a war with Northern Sudan.

Due to the ongoing civil war, started in 2013, many of the already insufficient educational infrastructures have been destroyed. There is a lack of schools, qualified teachers and materials.

In March 2018 the La Salle Brothers opened outside of Rumbek a Secondary School.


PV System

BBM delivered for the school a PV-system consisting of 110 solar panels of 300Wp, carefully mounted on special roof assembly with special Schletter roof mounting accessories supplied in the consignment. One of the classroom blocks nearest to the power house was selected as it was strong enough to carry the weight of the panels.

From left to right in the above picture, there is:

  • Ac distributor box
  • three SMA Sunny tripower STP12000TL-20 solar grid inverters 12kw
  • Hisboxes for the surge protection boxes

The equipment is mounted in one of the offices, on a steel plate which is secured on the metal structures of the prefab building.


Battery System

This consists of 9 AXI storage Lithium battery sets of 10Kw connected in parallel in a Dc combiner box mounted on the wall as close as possible to the SMA inverters.


Power Room

The school system consists of three Sunny Island, 8Kw inverter/charger that provide sufficient power for two water pumps and to the school buildings i.e Class blocks, Dormitories and teachers quarters. The Monitoring is done by Powerdog and using a tablet mounted next to the inverter/chargers.


Water System

This consists of two Grundfos submersible SQE 7-40 water pumps installed in two different boreholes to the East and West of the power house. The pumps have their controllers CU300 installed inside the respective pump chambers. The pumps supply water to locally welded tanks that have their main supply to the school linked so that they are drained equally. The power supply is controlled by photocell which stops the pumps from draining the battery during night hours.

PV-Installation for the Dispensary in Loreto Girls’ School Rumbek

The Loreto Primary Health Care Unit is the newest of the core programs at Loreto Rumbek.

The components of the care provided at the LPHCU include:

  • Health education
  • Promotion of mother child health
  • Nutrition
  • Identification and referral of children for immunization
  • Promotion of safe water and sanitation


PV System

The Pv system consist of three sections which include:

  • Pv power for internal lighting and sockets
  • Pv power for two cooling units
  • Pv power for pumping system


The Pv power for the internal circuits consists of 21 Axitec solar panels of 300Wp mounted on the roof using schletter mounting materials. The system is connected through string connection boxes which have surge protection devices. The Cooling unit consists of 4 Axitec solar panels of 300Wp and 2 Victron Gel Batteries. The Pv power for pumping system consist of 7 Axitec solar panels of 300Wp.


Power Room

One of the rooms in the health unit was taken up for the equipments to be installed. On the wall from left to right, Ac distribution panel, Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70 – 100 230 inverter/charger, lynx DC distributor (for inverter and solar chargers), two string connection boxes, Greenrock DC combiner box ( for the AIB batteries) and finally two Victron Blue solar MPPT 150/85 charge controllers

There are 5 stacks of Greenrock AIB Aqueous ion exchange batteries (salt water batteries) 48Vdc, 2.7Kwh each that are assemble at the corner behind the entrance door for this particular room. The advantages of this battery type are that they are environmental friendly (containing no hazardous materials) and they are resistant to high outside temperatures.

Cooling Unit

This consists of two independent sets of Steca solar fridge/freezer type PF240, 12/24Vdc powered from two Victron Gel 12V 220Ah Deep cycle batteries placed on a locally fabricated battery stand. Two batteries are connected in series for 24v system. The battery sets are charged independently through Victron Blue solar MPPT 150/35 charge controller and all Pv power are surge protected in the string connection boxes mounted next to individual charge controller. The two sets of batteries are monitored independently from Victron battery monitor BMV – 700 mounted on the box.
The cooling units were programmed for the intended usage. One is programmed for freezer mode for ice blocks and other items and one programmed for fridge mode for temperature 2°C to 8°C for vaccines and drugs.


Pumping System

The pump control system consists of the Grunfos IO 101 Control unit and Grundfos CU 200 and surge protection devices for the float switch signal line and the Pv power. The borehole in which the pump is lowered is about 25 to 30m from the building and a separate grounding for the pump was made. The pump was lowered down the borehole by local St Peter Claver students together with their instructors both electrical and plumbing. The required training was done to St Peter Claver training centre and the management staffs of Loreto School.


The installations were done using local students of  St. Peter Claver training school and a solar expert from Uganda. After installation the system was commissioned in the presence of a BBM technician.



PV-Installation for the new Dormitory at Loreto School Rumbek

Loreto Rumbek is made up of a primary school, a secondary school and Primary Health Care. The school first opened in 2008 and provides much needed place of education for girls aged 14-20.

To give a lot of students the chance of accommodation, a new dormitory was originated. The project start was in March 2019 and lasted till December 2019.


PV System

This consists of 15 REC solar panels 295Wp mounted on this particular building using Schletter mounting accessories and surge protection devices.


Power room

The equipment is mounted on the wall arranged for the best possible connections and professional smartness to be achieved.

These include:

  • Victron Easysolar inverter (rewired in order to accommodate surge protection devices for both the input and output Ac circuits)
  • Victron Smartsolar charger MPPT 250V/100A – Tr
  • Two Enwitec boxes with Dc circuit breakers for the battery
  • Inverter
  • Solar charger
  • BYD Lithium Battery


A lithium BYD battery stands on the floor, fixed on the wall on its upper part to be firm to avoid any movement. It stands as close as possible next to the inverter in order to use the special interface cable between the inverter and the BYD battery system for good performance.
All equipment is wired in accordance to the standards and regulations, including grounding.



The big advantage of the Lithium BYD battery system is that it is maintenance free, unlike the lead-acid batteries it does not require occasional addition of distilled water.  Only general maintenance of the power room is required: Basic Cleaning and regular checks to avoid entrance of dangerous animals especially mice, lizards and other insects that can cause tremendous damages to the system.


Please find more information about the Loreto sisters under: https://www.loretorumbek.ie/



Guest house of the Dioceses Rumbek

Handover of donations in kind

45 packages of bananas, filled with donations in all kinds. (Bed linen, towels and dishes) In summer 2019 the filled container left the port Hamburg into the direction of Mombasa in Kenia.
Furthermore goods like solar systems and water pumps were transported in the consolidated container.

Just before Christmas the container arrived in the Guest house in Rumbek after a truck route of 2100 km and a two week long trip on partly dirt roads. With great joy and a big thanks the donations were handed over to the team of the guest house.

Watersupply for Mary Immaculate DOR Hospital, Mapuordit (150 beds)

Country: South Sudan, Diocese of Rumbek
Task: Drinking water excavation from two wells fed into a steel tank, newly laying the supply grid (1,250m), construction of 30 domestic connections in the hospital and another 10 water collection points
Solar pumps: 2 solar generators, each with 16 solar panels, 1,280 watts total power
Water storage: Water tower with a capacity of 20,000 litres, mounted on a steel frame at a height of 6m
Project partner: Comboni Missionare of Rumbek Diocese
Duration: September 2010 to February 2011


At the turn of the year 2010–2011 there were great fears that the impending division of Sudan into a northern and southern part could again lead to political unrest and armed conflicts. This had a large impact on projects within the region: all efforts were focused on swift completion. Likewise, the water supply project for the Mary Immaculate Hospital in Mapuordit (Rumbek) was to be implemented within the least amount of time possible. BBM was involved in a planning and executive role.

Despite the urgent situation, the system was installed with all due diligence. Drinking water from two wells is fed into a water tower via two solar pumps. The hospital’s diesel generator ensures that the pump can also be operated during the less sunny wet season. The water collected in the water tower is fed through plastic pipes (total length 1,250 metres) to the building connections and water collection points. In terms of quality standards the components for the new water supply system were not available either locally or regionally. Consequently, the pipe material was imported from Uganda, plug cocks and sliders came from Austria.

Power Supply of the convent of the Loretto sisters in Rumbek

The project objectives at the Sisters of Loreto in Rumbek required both to provide the Sisters with an independent power supply and also to reduce the running time of the diesel generator.

The installation was completed in August 2011 by BBM experts. The photovoltaic system with 45 modules was mounted on two primed 20-foot maritime containers. The previously constructed battery room was converted into the power control centre, housing the new batteries (12 units, 2V cells) along with other equipment (solar charge controllers, power inverters, power distribution).

For the power supply of the office a smaller system (4 solar panels, 1 power inverter, 1 solar charge controller, 2 solar batteries of 12V) was additionally installed. This ensures that office routines can be maintained independent of the main system.

Country: South Sudan
Task: Planning and construction of the photovoltaic system, delivery of all required components, installation by Austrian experts with local assistance
Power generation:
45 modules with 80 watts each, 3,600 watts capacity of the solar generator
Battery system: 12 2V maintenance-free gel batteries with a capacity of 2,000 ampere-hours (Ah
Additional components: 2 power inverters 3,000 W/24V, 2 MPPT 60A solar charge controllers
Project partner: Rumbek Dioccese
Duration: November 2010 to August 2011


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