BBM Know-How at Diocese of Rumbek / Solar Water System


Country: South Sudan
Supply and installation of three solar water supply systems at Pacong Parish, Warrap Parish and Bunagok Parish
  • Detail Planning
  • Delivery of electrical key equipment from Europe
  • Delivery of locally available materials (Uganda, South Sudan) to implementation sites
  • Assembling of the water towers
  • Installation of electrical / PV equipment
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
Project Partner:
Diocese of Rumbek
Duration: August 2014 – July 2015



Goal of the project was to supply 3 parishes / villages with drinking water. Due to the high amount of requested water, the implemented solution was to implement for each location a solar water pump and a 20 m³ water tank, together with tapping points. Advantages of the solar water pump are that they operate without running costs and almost maintenance free by providing a high amount of water.


The overall implementation took place between August 2014 – starting with procurement of local and international materials – until the beginning of May 2015. Challenges encountered and successfully dealt with were:

  • Weather conditions: long rainy season. Movement of workers and materials to project sites was difficult.
  • Delays in procurement and missing parts of water tanks
  • Insecurity on the roads to the missions


All three project sites were handed over to the project partner after the successful installation and electrical as well hydraulic tests.


Power Supply of the convent of the Loretto sisters in Rumbek

The project objectives at the Sisters of Loreto in Rumbek required both to provide the Sisters with an independent power supply and also to reduce the running time of the diesel generator.

The installation was completed in August 2011 by BBM experts. The photovoltaic system with 45 modules was mounted on two primed 20-foot maritime containers. The previously constructed battery room was converted into the power control centre, housing the new batteries (12 units, 2V cells) along with other equipment (solar charge controllers, power inverters, power distribution).

For the power supply of the office a smaller system (4 solar panels, 1 power inverter, 1 solar charge controller, 2 solar batteries of 12V) was additionally installed. This ensures that office routines can be maintained independent of the main system.

Country: South Sudan
Task: Planning and construction of the photovoltaic system, delivery of all required components, installation by Austrian experts with local assistance
Power generation:
45 modules with 80 watts each, 3,600 watts capacity of the solar generator
Battery system: 12 2V maintenance-free gel batteries with a capacity of 2,000 ampere-hours (Ah
Additional components: 2 power inverters 3,000 W/24V, 2 MPPT 60A solar charge controllers
Project partner: Rumbek Dioccese
Duration: November 2010 to August 2011


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