About us

BBM is an organisation established by the Austrian Bishops Conference to serve as Procurement company, trading partner and service provider for people active in the poorest countries of the world. We support relief organisations in the area of development cooperation, for long-term projects as well as for disaster relief missions. Only a contribution to cover prime costs will be charged and profit will be waived.

The focus is on the procurement of motor vehicles, logistics services as well as planning and implementation of technical – ecological (large) projects (ecological energy generation, environmentally friendly water production and treatment).

Initiators / financiers of the projects are Austrian and international relief organisations (among others MIVA Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Caritas Horizont 3000, Epiphany, Licht für die Welt, UNICEF, Misereor), dioceses, religious communities, but as well smaller organisations, “Eine Welt Kreise” and private engaged.

Each project brings new challenges. The BBM with more than 30 years of experiences and problem-solving skills, especially on the African continent, contributes the best solution.


Christine Parzer


Managing Director

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Johannes Winkler


Dep. Managing Director/Manager
Medicine Projects

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Anita Hofbauer


Asst. of the Managing Director
Payroll Accounting

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Andrea Kasper

Andrea Kasper


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Stephan Dohnalek


Building Services
Logistics, IT

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Reinhard Harrer


Project Manager Motor Vehicles

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Norbert Demmelbauer


Technical Project Manager

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Manfred Pichler


Technical Project Manager

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Sebastian Ehrmann

Technical Project Manager

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Manuel Seifriedsberger

Technical Project Manager

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History of BBM

The milestones of BBM:

  • In 1989, BBM was founded as a subsidiary of MIVA, with the main objective of further professionalizing the delivery of MIVA vehicles. The BBM was also able to offer its know-how to other relief organizations, so that soon after vehicles were delivered to the areas of application, a wide variety of relief supplies. With its expertise in logistics and exports, BBM is actively helping to save costs and thus optimally use the donations.
  • In 1995, in addition to the purchase and delivery of relief supplies, the implementation of technical projects was started with a focus on ecology and sustainability: Diesel generators are replaced by photovoltaic systems. Water is no longer heated by wood-burning stoves, as in hospital laundries, but by solar collectors. With such projects, BBM helps the environment and the people who live in it at the same time. The BBM team attaches great importance to the exchange with the local population. Only those who listen and respond to people can consider the real needs and find solutions together. These considerations were also central to the construction of the Christophorus house.
  • In 2003, the ChristophorusHouse was built, which not only facilitates the work for the BBM team, but also expresses as an ecological and innovative construction, for which the BBM stands with its projects: Not only we, but also future generation should be informed of our current actions benefit.
  • In 2019, 30 years BBM. The BBM has established itself as a non-profit service provider in the EZA, its services are appreciated by many partners worldwide.


Performance Record 2021

302 projects were conducted in 29 countries, thereof 286 in Africa, 1 in Europe, 11 in North-America, 2 in South-America and 2 in Asia.

The following goods / services with a total delivery value of EUR 5.55 million were realised:

  • 137 Vehicles
  • 34 General Aid Shipments
  • 31 Medical Projects
  • 100 Technical – ecological projects and expert assignments, thereof 6 major projects