Our values

  • We work according to the principles of transparency, thriftiness and professionalism. By professionalism we mean efficiency and effectiveness in terms of performance and costs.
  • We are a “social enterprise”: We work cost-covering and non-profit oriented.
  • We ensure awareness in the areas of solidarity and climate protection. We credibly advocate a fairer distribution of resources.
  • We stand by our partners with help and advice even after the completion of the project.


This means in detail:

An open exchange of experiences with the partner and donation organizations

  • We offer cost effective and high quality solutions for project implementation.
  • We are interested in an open exchange of experiences
  • Together we look for financing and implementation possibilities.
  • We offer our partner organizations technical support in the implementation of their projects.
  • We maintain contact with other NGOs and communicate our experience in development cooperation.


The relationship with project partners

  • We strive for a fast delivery.
  • We do everything to meet the requirements of high quality and competent advice.
  • We take care of the smoothest possible project execution.
  • We deal responsibly with the donations and public funds entrusted to us.
  • We are looking for the cheapest way for purchase and transport, but we attach great importance to quality, safety and the environment.
  • For BBM’s major project, we are not looking for the cheapest, but for the best, ecologically sustainable and yet cost-saving solutions.


The relationship with our suppliers

  • When selecting suppliers of products or services, we attach great importance to high quality standards.
  • We expect high service- and product quality and the adherence to deadlines. We want fair negotiations.
  • We need competent contact persons with a high degree of reliability and expertise in advice and sales.
  • We base our business relationships on equal partners and expect to be met on an equal footing.
  • We prefer business partners who can guarantee compliance with environmental standards.


Our cultural understanding

  • Different country, different customs. Our work can only succeed if we are prepared to respond to our counterpart with his perhaps different ideas.
  • We are interested in the situation of our project partners and try to keep us up to date with information from the respective countries of operation.
  • We are sensitive to other cultures and try to understand them.
  • We are not only a technical partner, but also a social partner, however, we do not want to patronise our project partners. We meet everyone on equal footing and with respect.


Fight against corruption

  • In the fight against corruption, we follow the recommendations of TI and their advisors fro NGOs with regard to preventing corruption in development cooperation.