Reuse of solar panels


Project Summary

During an Assessment of the technical installations in Pope John’s Hospital Aber (PJHA) several findings were made.
The relevant topics for this project were:

  • Several Solar Panels in Store which could be used
  • Poor Electric Wiring in the whole Hospital
  • Dangerous and confusing Main Distributor
  • Technicians are in need of a Training about small Solar System and Electrical Basics

After discussion with the different parties, the decision was made to support the hospital in organizing a suitable training and to install the solar panels to reduce the running costs of the hospital. This is the most efficient way to use Solar Panels, without high investment costs, as no Battery is required. Of course, because of this the system has no Back Up functions in case of blackout.

The hospital agreed to independently finance the basic material to renovate the main distributor for better safety and an automatic change over switch to reduce blackout time in the hospital.


Main Result

Energy Meter Reading of Produced Power: 1025.2 kWh by 31.07.2019

After system operation of one and a half month, around 1000 kWh of power were produced. This means around 600kWh are produced per month which was expected with an installation of 6500kWp Solar Generator. Assuming energy costs of around 700 UGX per kWh this comes to a saving of 420.000 UGX or roughly 100€ per month.
(Power tariffs)


Technical Details

Grid Parallel Photovoltaic Systems:

Instead of installing a battery which will be charged by Solar Panels, it is also possible to Supply Loads directly from the Solar Panels. The main requirement is a Grid Inverter that transforms the DC Power from the Panels into AC Power which can be then consumed by standard loads in households, or in this case the hospital.

The purpose of an installation like this is solely to reduce the power consumption from the Grid and therefore reduce the costs on the electricity bill.

Installed Equipment:

  • Inverter Sirio EVO 12500 Watts
  • 300m Cables
  • Schletter Mounting Structure for Panels
  • Surge Protection and Earthing
  • 21 Solar Panels provided and tested by the hospital:
    • Module power (Pmax)=310W
    • Max power voltage (Vmpp)=36.6V
    • Max power current (Impp)=8.47A
    • Open circuit voltage (Voc)=45V

To test the Panels the open circuit voltage was measured and was found to be between 44 and 45 Volts.


Installation & Support

The installation took place between 01.06.2019 and 12.06.2019 and was done by the hospital and support / training through a local Electrician. During this time also the Main Distributor was renovated and a Monitoring System was installed.



The training was carried out from the 13th to the 15th of August 2019. As by the nature of the training a limited number of partner institutions were invited. Thirteen external technicians and two local technicians attended the training.

The topics were:

  • Recap of past Trainings (Pumps, Wetlands, PV Systems)
  • Electrical Basics
  • Power Supply in a Hospital
  • Small Back Up Systems
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

The whole training was designed to encourage the participants to discuss the topics in small groups. The participants were able to share knowledge and problems to the group and therefore solutions and advises were developed together.



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